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Published on November 15, 2019

2017 Taiwan Beauty Alliance Brand : https://herdsman-cosmetic.com/
Online Shop: https://herdsmantw.en.alibaba.com/


Eye gel with revitalizing essence, reduces wrinkles, removes dark circles and rejuvenates eye skin.

-Daily use eye’s dark circle correction with revitalizing and resting essence.
-Refreshing crystal clear gel that rapidly hydrates eye skin and immediately fresh-up your eyes.
-Unique H.M.C will reduce wrinkles, de-puff dark circles and revitalize your eye skin.
-Fresh-up and brighten-up weary eyes and make it looks younger and more energetic.

-Recover elasticity of the skin around the eye area, regain radiant-eye look.
-Soothe and brighten eye puffs and wrinkles, replenish your fascinating eyes.
-With a soft and delicate texture that gives you a relaxing and refreshing experience.


Company Site: https://herdsman-cosmetic.com/
Online Shop: http://www.idealez.com/beanne/home/en_US

Eye gel | Moisturizing and Hydrating | Best Seller 2020 | PSK
PSK 深海美肌專家

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