Wendy Pretend Play w/ Popsicle Ice Cream Truck Kids Toys00:00

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Published on November 25, 2018

Wendy pretend play selling popsicles with her ice cream truck toy for kids! Uncle John is sad and doesn’t want to buy Wendy’s popsicles because he doesn’t know how to play his piano. Wendy shows him how to play the piano toy and he is super happy and buys some ice cream. Uncle John had a great idea that he can help her advertise her ice cream truck by playing music. Uncle John’s piano toy accidentally breaks and Wendy takes it to the toy fixer for him. Uncle John sells popsicles for Wendy while she is gone, but doesn’t do a good job because of rain, Police Tim giving him tickets, and more! Lyndon and Uncle K come to buy some ice cream from them.

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